Full design service / webflow development


The Collectyv
The Collectyv is a charitable exhibition and auction focused on aiding children impacted by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. As part of the project, we crafted a comprehensive design system covering various branding aspects such as logo creation, pitch deck development, engaging social media content, interface design, and merchandise ideas.
Appvales is a software development company. We worked together on a rebranding project, which led to the establishment of a fresh visual identity that corresponds with their revised brand ideology. Moreover, we designed a website that effectively showcases all of the company's latest services and meets its strategic objectives and requirements.
Ydem Travel
Ydem Travel was founded out of a passion for exclusive travel experiences and local exploration in Mexico. They are genuine trailblazers in the travel industry, which is why we developed a tailored design system and website for them.
Atom Studio
ATOM is an architectural studio offering a comprehensive range of services for project creation and implementation. We developed a design system for digital communication tailored specifically for the studio.
Ai House X Reface
AI House is the largest community in Ukraine. We were thrilled to collaborate with them in launching a series of events aimed at promoting and educating about artificial intelligence. Our studio worked on creating landing pages as well as promotional materials for this initiative.


The use of the OTSE [oʊts] particle in Ukraine serves to enhance the overall expressiveness and significance of specific objects.

It all began when Dima and Arthur worked as designers in one of the web studios in Kyiv. There, they realized they shared similar values and their professional skills complemented each other. Dima excelled in visual concepts, while Arthur specialized in user behavior analysis and research. Eventually, they started collaborating as independent professionals on joint projects.

One day, Dima decided to rent a small studio in the center of Kyiv to use as a space for his creative pursuits in his free time. Over time, the space expanded, and work zones were established. The studio became open to friends, often hosting gatherings of people from the creative industry. We called this place OTSE STUDIO. It was where we worked on creative projects, pursued our artistic endeavors, and simply hung out.

Gradually, some individuals from these gatherings joined Dima and Arthur's team, leading to the formation of OTSE DESIGN.


Dim Keaton — Creative Director
Artur Mordkovich — COO User Experience specialist
Maria Filatova — Designer
Nastya Butko — Webflow Developer
Andrii Frolov — Webflow Developer
Our team comprises professionals who continually refine their expertise in their respective fields and also explore visual arts, music, and other realms of contemporary art. This multidisciplinary approach allows us to have a broader perspective and transcend the boundaries of traditional functional design.


Design Systems
Design Systems

Our proficiency covers design systems, encompassing all facets of branding, including logo design, crafting pitch decks, dynamic social media communications, interface visual language, and merchandising lines.

UX Design
UX Design

UX design is the process of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the user and a product or service. If the user experience (UX) of your website is poor, all other aspects become irrelevant.

UI Design
UI Design

UI design, or User Interface design, focuses on the visual aspects of a product or service and how users interact with it. It includes the design of elements such as buttons, icons, typography, colors, and layouts to create an intuitive and visually appealing interface that enhances the user experience.

WEB Development
WEB Development

We utilize Webflow not simply as a website builder, but as a comprehensive solution capable of handling tasks of any complexity.